Mike Wewerka Photography specializes in unique and stylized portraits.

If you’ve search the internet looking for a local portrait photographer, you’ve probably noticed that they tend to all produce the same look, whether it’s outdoors or indoor, they play it safe and don’t give their clients anything unique. Most photos tend to all look the same, a look that can be, and is,  replicated by any photographer across the country.

I dare you to be different. Whether it’s due to lighting, filters, composite work or a lot of post-processing techniques, a portrait from Mike Wewerka Photography will stand out due to its unique aesthetic.

Personal project

Vietnam Veterans
Portrait Project

A project that was inspired by a father, planned for over 20 years, and completed with heart and soul.

The Vietnam Veterans Portrait Project is a living project, the series will continue to grow and will continue to honor those Veterans who served in Vietnam.

Michele Phillips

Wyrdwood VIkings

The first time we witnessed Mike's work, we were speechless. His amazing capture in a small setting with natural light resulted in a piece of art we will admire for years to come. We look forward to future projects and stunning results!

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makE the unreal, real.

From compositing, tools, layers, and LUTs, you’ll learn it all.

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Here's some recent work.

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The gallery page consists of a variety of photographs including portraits, landscapes, architectural and commercial photography.
 This gallery is often updated and more work is added and older work is removed. If you’d like to see more of my work, please email me.