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  • June 18, 2016

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my “new” website. I say that with a little bit of sarcasm as I had a previous site, which crashed and unfortunately my previous host had no record of any backup… yeah, I know. So, I’ve been spending quite a few weeks, planning, designing and thinking about how I wanted this new site to look and feel. While it’s probably not a 100%, it’s close enough to say, WELCOME!

So with this new site, I hope to grow my business even further, by offering WORKSHOPS! Yes, I’m going to be holding some one-on-one workshops as well as a few potential group workshops. These are still in the planning stage, but as this site grows I’d love to get your feedback on whether or not you’d be interested in a larger group, 10+ or smaller one on one sessions. So be on the lookout for that.

I’m going to be doing some work on my YouTube channel, showing my workflow, how I photograph my subject and finally, how I edit.

I appreciate any and all “constructive” criticism about the site, if you have questions on services or workshops (prior to the official kickoff), please feel free to reach out via my contact form. In the meantime, cruise the site, view my portfolio and if you’d like to have your photos critiqued, with professional, honest, and constructive feedback, send me your work at [email protected].

Until the next post!